Monthly Archives: November 2010

Raw Cranberry Relish with Tangerines and Walnuts

Thanksgiving dinner was just another family meal until my paternal grandmother started serving a cylinder of quiveringContinue reading »

Down-to-Earth Inspiration (Fall Cookbooks)

Once every few weeks, I pull one of a stack of boxes from my clothes closet and lift the lid with a mix of verve andContinue reading »

Borlotti Bean Mole with Roast Winter Squash and Black Kale

My 11-month-old daughter has developed a reputation in our neighborhood. Mind you, we live in a densely populated,Continue reading »

Arkansas-Black Apples

Well after the early, rose-fleshed Pink Pearls and Thomas Jefferson’s dear Spitzenbergs, I was wrist-deep in a boxContinue reading »


Ritual. Repetition with meaning. To begin, it is a single act. In the dark, cool bedroom, I wake up to see ElinorContinue reading »