Here’s a random photo from the farm this week.

from the spring pastures
I love lists.  Love them.  Could never live without them and have multiple going at any given moment.  And now I get to share this neurosis with you.  First, a list of unexpectedly helpful farm tools:

  1. Foam paint brush.  Because it’s so much more precise to make “lost/found dog” signs–three sets so far–with foam brushes rather than the standard bristle type.  (As I publish this post, I am happy to report that Buck has returned from a 24-hour journey.  According to a nearby kennel owner–who kindly captured Dagny after she flew the coop with Buck–he was most probably in search of a lady friend.  Ah, spring.)
  2. Fishing net.  For catching errant chickens.
  3. Sheriff’s office phone number, on speed dial.  Because to teenage boys, “please stop riding your ATVs in our forest” actually means “please help yourself to our forest whenever you like.”

Okay, here’s one more.  The pastures are in full effect these days.  Thank you, sun-rain-sun cycles.

spring pastures

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